Thursday, July 22, 2010

As Irmgart would say, "So much to do!!"

With two weeks in Berlin left, Marianna and I had tons of places to go and people to see on our To-Do List! Since our teaching units were all wrapped up, we took the liberty to devote our afternoons and evenings after school seeing as much of Berlin as humanly possible.

Here are some highlights:

Berlin Philharmonie with Irmgart and Barbara (Irmgart's Best Friend)

Turkish Market and Crepes with Karla and Joe in Kruezberg

Neighborhood Thrift Markets

Riding Bikes along the Eastside Gallery (Berlin Wall)

Riding Bikes through Tiergarten


Homemade German Meal made by Irmgart

Sunday night, when we got back from Amsterdam, Irmgart had a traditional German meal all prepared for us! We had spargel (a white asparagus grown underground), with butter sauce, ham, and salad.

Bradenburg Gate and Reichstag

Bike Ride around Lake Schlaktensee

Dinner on our last night with Irmgart on Lake Wannsee

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