Saturday, April 17, 2010

a saturday in slubice.

"Slubice? Where in the world is that?" You might ask.
Well, it's actually in Poland!

One Saturday, a teacher from JFK took Marianna and me to Slubice, Poland. We went by train to a German city called Frankfurt (Oder) on the border of Germany and Poland. We crossed the Oder River and were in Poland!

We walked around and just explored the small town of Slubice. It was fun to see all the townspeople doing their normal Saturday afternoon activities--men were fishing on the river, moms were pushing their babies in strollers, and kids were playing and riding their bikes.

Our first stop was to get some Polish food. We went to a very Polish restaurant with the menu only in Polish. Thankfully, our friend Nate had been to Poland and could order us perogies. I had spinach perogies and cheese perogies (which are pretty much like filled dumplings). They were pretty good. I washed them down with a Coca-Cola Classic, just to have a taste of home. :)

After lunch, we explored a little more and then took a taxi a couple of miles to a Saturday market. (Side note: The taxi was an orange and blue duo-toned Mercedes with furry zebra seat covers.) It was an interesting cultural experience. The stalls had everything you could think of--imagine a Walmart in Polish market form. We had fun walking the aisles and seeing all the different things for sale.

Soon after the market, it was time to head back to Berlin. Though it was a quick trip to Poland, it was fun to visit another country for a few hours!

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